Election Info | Candidate’s Forum| Bylaws

Election Info | Candidate’s Forum| Bylaws

There seems to be some confusion about the about the Election Process and Candidates Forum. We hope this helps to clarify it for you.

Get info you need to give input on our bylaws, ask the candidates questions at the Candidates Forum, make sure you are eligible to vote and finally to have your voice heard in the general election in January 2015!

Click for elections info.

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Equine First Aid Clinic

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August 2014 Horse Council News

On 8/16 the St Johns County Horse Council held our bi-annual meeting and presented accomplishments so far this year. The meeting was outstanding and there are many improvements slated for the Equestrian Center:

  • Arena lights are in the works for night riding.
  • A trail head to the 100s of acres of Water Management land behind the EC is becoming a reality.
  • RV hook ups with water and electricity are in progress.

Upcoming activities include:

  • Organized trail rides across St Johns County for the 450th Anniversary of the founding of St Augustine. The City of St Augustine is officially supporting Judy Simms’ 3 years of work to get the trail ride done. More on this later.
  • A contested election with more than 1 person willing to take leadership responsibilities.
  • SJCHC sponsored outing at Welaka State Forest in October.
  • Fall Fun Day & Tack Sale November 1. Please note: NEW DATE 10/25/2014.

And many more wonderful things. It was 2 hours of  good news. Hands were red from applauding all the things that are happening through SJCHC.

MOST IMPORTANTLY The Board of County Commissioners has invited our current President, Terri Perrault , to present the status of the St. Johns Equestrian Center at the St. Johns County Board of County Commission Meeting Tuesday,  August 19, at 9 am. Terri has put together a terrific presentation. People in the auditorium supporting her makes the presentation even more powerful. If you can at all be there, please come and let the County Commission know how important and energetic the Horse Community in St Johns County is.

If you can’t make the meeting:

PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL to the Commissioners (http://www.co.st-johns.fl.us/Commissioners).

Let them know what the Equestrian Center and the St Johns horse community means to you. It can be as simple as “I support the St Johns Equestrian Center” sign your name. There are so many GOOD things happening now. All 5 Commissioners are listed on the website. Ask your family and friends to e-mail or come to the meeting. Go SJCHC!!!

Our response and support are vital to the Equestrian Center. In the 10 years since it opened, there have been efforts to turn it into a homeless shelter, sell it, or close it out right. Despite numerous events, clinics, financial support from the business community and constant use there is still a faction that denies the EC is used. Please help us squelch these nay sayers who would like to deny there are any horses in St Johns.

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2014 Fall Fun Day & Tack Sale

Time to start working on your costumes and cleaning out your tack room!

DATE CHANGE: 10/25/14

2014 SJCHC Fall Fun Day and Tack Sale

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Welaka State Forest Fall Festival and Poker Ride

Date: October the 11th.
Location: Welaka State Forest
Time: Event is from 8am-5pm

Get the Event Flyer here

Poker ride times:

First Out 8:30 am.., Last Out 10:30 am.., All In by 1:30 pm.

$10.00 per rider

There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Prizes

1st Place $50.00
2nd Place $30.00
3rd Place $20.00


Roughly half of the stalls have been reserved, so get your RSVP in now!

Call (386) 467-2388 for reservations.

Stall Fee is $5.00 per day
Shavings are a Must, and will be available for purchase on site.


Primitive Camping is available for $10.00 per night, per Family.
Dorms Room (Bunk House) $21.00 per person, per night.

Please see attached flyer for additional details, this is a multi activities event fundraiser for the Welaka State Forest, so come out and support our wonderful equine facilitates while having fun.

This is not the SJCHC Annual Poker Ride, this is SJCHC supporting our community by hosting the porker ride.  Stay tuned for details on our annual poker ride in November.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or make your reservations with the forest at (386) 467-2388.

Happy Trails,
Connie Fosberg

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August 16 General Meeting

We will be nominating and electing a new President and Vice-President. The St Johns County Horse Council is growing and entering a new phase.

Please view the  working draft of the new by laws. Posted 7/21/14.

With growth comes change, but we need to keep the good things we have use our size and vitality to promote St Johns County as a truly horse friendly community.

Exactly what can YOU do?

First help us encourage good committed people with a vision for the Horse Council and Equestrian Center to run. They can maintain and grow the momentum Terri Perrault and Beverly Foster have begun.

The Nominating Committee (NC) is charged with presenting the general membership with a ballot of candidates. The NC is 3 people: Mary Farr (Sponsorship Chair), Brenda Jewel (long time member) and Claire Piatt (Secretary). For the next 7 weeks the NC will search for President and Vice President candidates. Nominating Committee members are not eligible for nomination.

If you have any interest in running for President or Vice President or want to suggest someone for us to contact, let someone on the NC know! “WHAT?” you ask, “I can’t do what Terri and Beverly do. I don’t have the contacts they do.” In preliminary meetings NC determined Terri and Beverly are actually doing 4 jobs EACH. It is obvious we can’t continue to grow and expect any one or two persons to do all these tasks. The NC will be identifying new positions and create job descriptions. These will be a part of the by laws. (View the working draft of the new by laws. Revised 7/20/14)

The best news is Terri and Beverly will still be actively involved in SJCHC. In deciding if you want to run you can speak with them about what they have experienced as President and Vice President. They will be here to mentor the new President and Vice President. They will introduce them to the people and organizations in St Johns County who actively support SJCHC. There are many people in the county who share our commitment to the horse community and want to see us flourish. It is as if SJCHC is moving from grammar school to middle school. There are people available to support you through this change.

If President and Vice President sounds like too much, consider stepping up to help in an area you are particularly interested in. I will be posting about a possible new structure for SJCHC. Your ideas are important. It is your energy that makes St Johns County Horse Council the vibrant organization it is. If you are interested in running for one of these positions or would like to encourage someone to run please contact one of the NC members. President and Vice President positions are a 2 year  commitment. Other positions can be negotiable.

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An Update from Terri

Happy summer to all! June 18, 2014

After a long, unpredictable winter and spring, it’s reassuring to have our old summertime weather patterns back.

We’ve had some good times this year and look forward to more as the year moves along.

I have attached a schedule of 2014 SJCHC activities (See the Events Calendar). We have lots coming up in the fall, and look forward to your participation in an activity of your choice, or all if you’re game!

Judy Simms has been working hard with Greg Dunn of the Forestry Service and private land owners to plan a series of cross county trail rides as part of the area’s 450th anniversary in 2015. It’s her dream becoming a reality.

Look for more to follow on that as it comes along.

As you may or may not know, mine and Beverly Foster’s term as president and vice-president end this year. That brings me to two important points:

1. Nominating Committee – Mary Farr and Claire Piatt are looking for 3 more people to join them on the committee. Your input is appreciated and needed. If you are interested please get in touch with either of them, or let me know, and I’ll pass it along. Mary Farr – hcf94@comcast.net, and Claire Piatt – saddlebrook@gmail.com.

2. Candidates for president and vice-president – The SJC HC has grown, and the use, and plans for the future use, of the Equestrian Center has kept pace. We need committed people with a vision for the future of the Horse Council to step up and toss their hats in the ring. There will be more about this coming along soon in emails, Facebook, and on the website. We will still be involved and look forward to working with whoever is elected.

There are some Equestrian Center projects in the wings…arena lights, trailer hook-ups, and that long awaited trail head are at the top of the list. It’s going to take that same dedication and vision from all of us to see these things through. However, we’ve come this far and I, for one, see greater things ahead.

We have our first permanent obstacle at the EC! It is a bridge donated by Morgan Olds from SpotLight Show Horses. It’s set up where we usually do the obstacle courses, east of the barns and storage area. Try it out!

The entry gates will be either reinforced or replaced soon so we can, once again, secure access through the gates. We’ll give everyone plenty of notice before that goes into effect.

It is important, especially in an election year, to tell your county commissioners, friends, neighbors, and anyone who will listen about the benefits of the SJC Equestrian Center. It is because of the partnership between SJC Recreation and Parks and the Horse Council that we are able to provide the events, educational programs, and individual and family  access for riding and training at the EC. It is vital for our efforts to promote equestrian interests in our area. We have come to look forward to these events and programs and to rely on the EC. Let the community know what it means to you.

Membership forms and online membership information are available on our website www.sjchc.org . Or contact membership coordinator, Laurie Newman, laurieandpoco@gmail.com.

Join us on the St Johns County Horse Council Facebook page, too!

All the best to you and your animals,


Terri Perreault
President SJCHC

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Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters!

Have you met our sponsors?

Huge thanks go out to the businesses and individuals that support our efforts to ensure we all have a horse friendly county! Please visit, shop, and use the services of the St. Johns County Horse Council Sponsors and Supporters. They help make all our great programs and events possible!

Interested in becoming a sponsor? For more information on how your business or service can reach a highly targeted and receptive audience, contact us at SJCHorseCouncil@gmail.com.

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Miss a play day?

If you have a membership you can head on over to the equestrian center and play pretty much any day. ;D

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